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I’m sure I am only flesh, blood and bones
My skin and everything
Light is running through my scarlet veins
For sure there’s always one little soul
Making us unique - as delicate as we speak
The moods that we have are peculiar
Are not the same
As delicate as we speak!

If you could be in paradise
Would it satisfy your every need
To see through Adam’s eyes
Find the nature of our creed
The soul is born to rise
And it’s possible to believe
In all we sacrifice

I’m sure I am only lost in space
A second in the universe
Life is a very short parade
Still we all have one little spark
Making us unique - as delicate as we speak

My world, yeah
That I shield to not be hurt
It’s my home, my God
The treasure that is mine alone
It’s my place


Přidáno: 23. 8. 2012 - 22:16 | Kategorie: Die Happy | ID: 5672

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