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So don’t forget
I’m always with you
Waiting for my day
So think of me
When they believe all my fake illusions
I’ll catch them, use them
I can hypnotize
’Cause I’m your bad dream

And then I’m going to rule your world
I’ll show them my pretty face
I’ll just be a perfect muse
My reign

Don’t you blame the mighty man!
The mistake is in yourself
That’s the only why
Don’t you claim to understand!
Just search within yourself
Human being

So don’t forget
I’m never too far to lose you out of my mind
Think of me!
I’ll return and when I am back
I will use you, bruise you
It might hurt
’Cause I’m your bad dream

What if love was dead
Everything would be so cold
No, this is not the way, no!
What if I was bad!


Přidáno: 23. 8. 2012 - 22:25 | Kategorie: Die Happy | ID: 4781

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