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This is
This is my world
I am the queen
I’m doing what I want
Can be really mean

I could grow strong
And have sharp thorns
Go painfully through your skin
Anytime I want

But when I’m small
You break my neck
I can’t defend myself
Close my eyes instead

I am a flower
In the sun, bloom
I am a flower
I grow for you

I can make you burn
I can make you freeze
For every enemy
I have a special disease

But when I’m small
My life is in your hands
I can’t defend myself
Against your violence

So here I am
Look into my eyes
Do not forget my name
I don’t say it twice

I want your care
Your total love
Don’t wait too long, my dear
I could get rough, take care

I want it now

Flower, flower, without your water I will die
Won’t you care for me


Přidáno: 24. 2. 2016 - 18:28 | Kategorie: Die Happy | ID: 210

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