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I burn passionately for your love
I tremble when I lay in your arms
But it’s hard to believe that you’ll stay
I will not hold you back
You will always be free
I know that
I don’t wait for a chance anymore
I hope you leave before I, I start to ache

You are now or never
You could stay forever
But I feel now
That I can’t go on

You are now or never
You could stay forever
I still love you
But I can’t go on

I burned passionately for your love
I gave you all my warmth, I thought I had enough
But I slowly burn low, disappear
I can’t feed the flames alone
It wasn’t meant for us both...
To be
The time and the place were wrong
Why do I ache
When I always knew

It isn’t a game for me to lose
Not my intention to get confused again
You made it happen and I walk away... overthrouwn

I can’t go on
It’s all gone


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