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Everytime you shake me
Everytime you break me
I take a deep breath
Let’s bring it all behind us
Tranquilize the surface
What did you expect?!
You say that family’s sacred
But you’re unfaithful
Who’s to crucify!
You took it easy
Now the sun is freezing
Tragic lullaby
Shut your mouth...

Sweet enemy
Get out of my bed
I don’t wanna share with you
Damn agony
Spreads in your head
This train is going nowhere
Sweet enemy
Perish yourself
I don’t wanna fight with you
Stop killing me
You’re a second too late
To rewind and erase

A little bit dramatic
A person so fanatic
Damn your best friend
Let’s bring it all behind us
Tranquilize the surface
This is the end
Shut your mouth
You lost everything
That’s worth to fight for
Stop to fight
This is the end of the war


Přidáno: 23. 8. 2012 - 11:33 | Kategorie: Die Happy | ID: 8227

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